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Studio E
Here at Studio E we like to publish cards that look like they came right from a Movie set. A lot of our customers asked us, What movie was this from, while they were looking at our cards. Cards that stand out from the regular card Market! Away from the Industries Giants. We feel as the underdog of what we can place on trading cards. So stay tuned for Something Different on Trading Cards.
Send Your Ideas!
If you have any Ideas on Trading Cards. Send them in. You never know what Might happen. It can end up on a trading Card.


STUDIO E Trading Cards


Studio E is a Manufacturer of Adult Trading cards. Founded in 1994, The company has published various titles of Non-Sports Cards.
Such as Vampires Lust, Futuristic Warriors, Chopper Chicks Of Mars and The Girls of Studio E.
Studio E Continues to push the envelope with its own groundbreaking titles, while maintaining its reputation as a unique alternative source for Adult Trading Cards seeking to market a worldwide adult audience.


In a market where companies are few and far between and increasingly competitive market tends to favor financial giants.
Studio E has forged new ground in Trading Cards and proved that smaller and independent companies can compete against the giants.
We listen to all collectors on WHAT they want in Trading Cards....


Established in 1994, Studio E went on to manufacture their first trading card series, Vampires Lust, .
As the company continued to grow,
three more tittles were released in the following years.
In the Year 2001, Studio E acquired with Decisive Marketing all of their past releases and set out to combine the two companies products into one. The goal for the future is to continue manufacturing and developing innovative and erotic Trading Cards for the Adult Market, and to bring Studio E into a larger collectors audience.


Studio E First opened in Los Angeles, California in 1994 and had it
shares of ups and Downs as other small companies.
Studio E Trading Cards now offers its products on the World Wide Web at:
www.studioecards.com and opened this link July 2002.


We are a highly motivated team to give the collecting audience a bigger choice in adult trading cards. To reach an un-tapped area that no-one dares to go. You can be sure that every time a Studio E Product gets released, Collectors take notice! And SO does the Manufacturing giants.
Over the past years, Studio E has continued to progressively grow.
And with every Release, Studio E continues to push the envelope with groundbreaking tittles. So stay tuned!!!




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