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Vampires Lust Series 1 & 2
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Vampires Lust...
was going to be a movie, a couple of Hollywood producers looked at the card sets and wanted to make this into a movie. It got tossed from one idea to another. All promised but nothing ever took off. Put on hold for now. We are not going to give up... Any producers looking, We are ready for a long awaited Movie on this.
Vampires Lust Movie
Was going to take the Girls across country searching to find why and how they have been dammed for so many years. It would take you behind there stories of what Life or shall I say death was like to be a Vampire, Always needing the Blood of another living creature. Why, Why do they need blood from the living, to keep the dead ALIVE? The Girls also show you how they can Seduce you from Miles away, to enslave you to love them as they take your life from you as you slowly love them to Death!!!






From within the darkest woods of eerie sounds of creatures thoust no man has ever heard nor seen comes a tale that no man would live to tell twice. A castle lies within these woods at a place called Eoiduts. This castle is called Wendell, from the King who owned it centuries ago, Dax Wendell the first.
This place is not located on any map by today's standards, Eoiduts is a place a man should never be.! And if you are a Woman, I dare you not to enter Eoiduts, because men's blood will be on your menu!! If you are a man, pray you may never enter this dreaded place of desire and Lust. This Lust will not only turn you on to your deepest fantasies, but unto a Vampires Lust of BLOOD!! YOUR BLOOD!!!!!

Vampires Lust was Created in 1994 and was published in 1995.
There is 2 sets of 24 cards plus 3 chase cards for each series.
Also Random Autographs of Cards of  9 to 22,32 to 38,43 to 48 also
all of the Chase Cards VLA to VLF were also Signed.
A 3rd series of Vampires Lust was about to be produced, But it never got
off the ground. Some pictures were taken, These pictures are in the Bend-Over cards of The Best of DM & SE.


Each series has 24 cards plus 1 of 3 chase cards inserted in each set with a random autograph.

1 Promo card VL1 was Produced that was also Signed and numbered .

Also there was a 3 part comic book on the series with a 4th one as signed by one or all 3 VL Girls.

 In 1998 a calendar was made on the VL series.
Please Note: Not all images were produced by Studio E in the Calendar.

One Card was printed for the Comic Books. Signed by Shane And Zenia.

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Vampires Lust Series 1
Each Set has 24 cards Plus 1 Random Chase Card of 3



Vampires Lust Series 2
$20.00 VERY Limited Amount left
 Each Set has 24 cards Plus 1 Random Chase Card of 3




Vampires Lust Comic Books, All 4
$50.00 Small amount left
Comic Book #1,2,3 and Signed Edition #1




Vampires Lust 2 Uncut Sheet.

Has a complete set of Series 2 Vampires Cards Un-Cut




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