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Special Cards
A lot of People and Dealers have Contacted us about special Cards that we have inserted within the packs.
We do not sell the Special cards. The only way to get the special cards are from the Packs or trade with other Dealers or other collectors.
Please visit our Dealer links to find that one special card that you are looking for.. Or email us here at Studio E and we can help you find someone that can help you find that card you are looking for...
Send in a Sample of what you can Draw!!


To Order anything From Studio E, Click on our Dealer Page to Order any Products
that we have Listed on our Web Site. 

Dealer Links.

Dealers and distributors, please Email us for a Wholesale Listing!

PLEASE Provide Re-sale # and Store Address and Phone #

If you need to Contact Us, Please Click here to Email us at studioecards@verizon.net

Our Address is

Studio E
P.O. Box 3601
Torrance, Ca 90510

      Art by Victor Oki From Futuristic Warriors Chase FW

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