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Futuristic Warriors
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Futuristic Warriors
was going to have a movie made as a B movie as rumored. But some wanted it to be more then just a "B" type movie and wanted more then just that. FW should have a good script and a good plot as some producers would augured. So FW was going to have a Female strong leading role long before another show aired on TV. After that show was on for a few years, the interest died and so did FW ever becoming what is should have or what it could have been!!
Making of FW Video
Shows the Girls behind Studio E and what it takes to make a trading Card set.
The Props, the Sets, the long Hours of Designing and building the Sets.
With a little FX and behind the scenes. Looking at a card set may never be the same again.






Futuristic Warriors

A 32 card set with Full color cards that tell a story of a future where
the male half of the population has been decimated by a mysterious time-travel catastrophe.

The year is 3624. Man invented a time machine that opened a doorway to our galaxy. As a result, aliens called Xarconians are entering our galaxy and invading the Earth.

Their mission is to kill man, breed with Earth-Women and take over
the Earth. Those few men who survive are prey for bands of marauding sex-starved women who tote lethal hardware and prefer spike- heel boots and leather-and -metal bikinis with nipple-exposure ports to flip-flops and sizeable robot drones.  Only 3,500 boxed sets with 1 of 4 chase and random autograph cards will be produced.

This is just the beginning of the story of Futuristic Warriors!!!

Futuristic Warriors was shot at 3 different locations. Dozens of models were cast
    and hundreds of pictures were taken. Also during the shoot, a Behind the scenes    video on how trading Cards were made is available that includes an autograph card by Cory Lang.

32 card Basic Set
   4 Chase Cards
   2 double - Back Autograph Cards signed by Two Models.
Case Toppers.
       one Signed by Cory Lang & Nancy as Vindicator and the other
       is signed by Sara St. James & Santana Dia Monte

       One Autograph card signed by Cory Lang  standing near a Robot
       One Autograph Card Signed by Sara St. James Drawn by Artist Victor Oki.
       One Autograph Card Signed by Artist Victor Oki.

Victor's Work was also used on the Back of the 4 Chase and Cards FW1 & FW4

Futuristic Warriors had 32 cards, 4 chase, 2 double-back, 3 different autograph cards
    with many variations of autographs and or Gold Printing or no Gold Printing and  various
    ways the Models signed .
    Like for example:
               Cory Lang Signed in Blue or Black Ink as Cory, Laser, Love Cory, Love Laser

3 different Promo Cards

Dealers and distributors, please Email us for a Wholesale Listing!

Adults Only! Must be 18 years or older

Futuristic Warriors Card set 32 cards Plus 1 of 4 Chase
1 boxed set includes 32 cards plus 1 of 4 chase. Random Autographs


Futuristic Warriors The Making of a Trading Card set Video
1 Video Approximately 45 minutes plus 1 Autograph card. VHS


Futuristic Warriors Case of 20 Sets
Case comes with 20/32 cards sets plus 1 chase in each set w/
Random Autographs per set.
Case includes 2 Double-back Autos.
Double-Back Autos are only included in the Case toppers. 





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