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Chopper Chicks of Mars
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Chopper Chicks
Paul Dale has many characters that he created in the making of Chopper Chicks. His mix with colors and Sci-Fi settings give the whole theme of a world that we would like to see not only in comic Books, but also as a full blown animated cartoon. Several Studios are interested in Paul's work. We will let you know more when anything develops. If you have any questions on Paul's Work or would like to contact him, Please email us here at Studio E.
Chopper Chicks
was also printed in Comic Book form.. Also an Animated series is welcome  by any talented Producer that wants A GREAT idea for a Adult oriented Cartoon..








WITH EVERY 2 BOXES of CHOPPER CHICKS- You get 1 Special Signed Autograph card by Paul Dale.

EVERY 10 BOXES YOU GET 1 of two different Special ETC Promo Cards,(Non-Electronic).

FOR EVERY 10 Boxes YOU GET 1 Sketch,5 Autos and ONE different SPECIAL Autograph card of PAUL DALE.
This 10 Box Autograph card is different then the 2 Box Autograph card...

Sample Sketches of Paul Dales Chopper Chicks art.



Chopper Chicks of Mars was Created by Artist PAUL DALE. His work envisioned a different talent that a lot of people do not dare to enter. His work is on the cutting edge. So we decided to make a Trading Card set based on his work with a Title called Chopper Chicks Of Mars.
Only 125/10 box Cases were produced and more then Half were sold.
Also included was a ELECTRONIC TRADING CARD or ETC for Short.
This card was inserted as a Redemption card and was found 1 out of every 5 boxes. Their was two cards ETC1 and ETC2. They had to be redeemed to get the ETC cards. Also as a Case topper, Studio E inserted a Prototype of the ETC card without electronics as a case Topper. One of the two cards was included with every 10 box Case.
The redemption card  never had an expiration date on the Card. So if you by a box today, and get the ETC. That Card is no longer available ...
Please note: The Electronic cards will be replaced with a random sketch card when you send in your Redemption cards....
Paul Autographed several cards that were embossed and randomly inserted into the boxes. Also as a bonus, by sending in the wrappers, you'll get an extra chase set for turning in your Wrappers.

Dealers and distributors, please Email us for a Wholesale Listing!

2 Boxes of Chopper Chicks of Mars, 2/36 packs per Box


Each box has 36 packs/ at least 1 set per box with several chase cards.


1 case of Chopper Chicks of Mars, 10/36 packs per Box


10 boxes per Case/plus one Case topper prototype of ETC Card stamped as prototype.
1 Un-cut Sheet of Chopper Chicks of Mars


1 un-cut sheet. Sheet Includes Chase Gold Stamped Chase Cards


Limited 3 card Set not Stamped in Gold and not inserted into Packs.  In limited supply.
Cards Labeled as
$35.00 per Set of 3 Cards

Limited 3 card Set not Stamped in Gold and not inserted into Packs.  In limited supply.
Normally inserted with Gold Stamp as one per box
Cards Labeled as C1,C2,C3
$40.00 per Set of 3 Cards


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