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CARD CHECKLIST for The Best of Studio E and Decisive Marketing Products
Updating Page 4-3-05

Studio E CheckList:

Vampires Lust Promo- Only one Card  VL-1, Sometimes Autographed. Was only available when dealers bought 20 sets or More.

Vampires Lust Sell Sheet- Only 1500 sell sheets produced.

Vampires Lust Series 1   (1-24 plus 3 chase VL-A, VL-B, VL-C)
Cards Autographed : 7 of Tina Jo, Card #9-15
                                       3 of Desire, Card #16-18
                                       3 of Athena, Card #19-21
                                       1 of Shane, Card #22
Production Run-3500 sets

Vampires Lust Series 2   (25-48 plus 3 chase VL-D, VL-E, VLF)
Autographed Cards : 4 of Shane, Card #32-35
                                       3 of Zena, Card #36-38
                                       7 of Tina Jo, Card #43-48
Production Run-3500 Sets

Vampires Lust Comic Book Autograph Card: 3500 cards were signed by either model or both models. 2500 signed by both and 1000 signed by each model alone.

Futuristic Warriors series 1 ( 1-32 plus 4 chase FW1, FW2,FW3, FW4)
Cards Autographed: 2 DoubleBack Autograph cards. These cards were the first to have 2 autographs on one card for Girls on Cards.

Production Run-3500 Sets

Doubleback #1 : Sara St. James Black Signed 1500
                              Santana Dia Monte Singed 1500
Doubleback #2 : Nancy AKA Vindicator Signed 1000 cards
                              Cory Lang AKA Laser Signed 2000 cards

Chase Signed Card FW1: Cory Lang Signed 250 red ink as Cory Lang
 Also 1500 was signed in black Ink as Laser or Cory.

Chase Signed Cards FW3: Sara St. James Signed 150 Red Ink
                                                                                         150 Blue Ink
                                                                                       1500 Black Ink

Chase Signed Card FW3: Victor Oki Signed 100 Gold Ink
                                                                             500 Red Ink
                                                                            1500 Black Ink

Futuristic Warriors Promo Cards (3 cards Produced) 1st card produced had a FW standing on a building. This 1st card had some in-proper grammer and no Studio E logo on the Bottom. 2nd Card produced corrected the 1st Card. 3rd Card had a warrior standing near a Robot.
A 4th card was produced that showed all cards produced by Studio E.
Futuristic Warriors was also included on this card.
Production Runs : 1st Promo-3500, 2nd promo-3795, 3rd Promo-2500
4th card with all sets-2500

Girls of Studio E  (1-9 Plus Autograph Card) Only 500 were signed.
Set was never released nationally.  2500 sets produced. 
Autograph Card was labeled as TLauto and was numbered by the Model.
The Card set was made of Teresa Langley, Model name is Cory Lang.
We wanted Teresa to use her real name for the Set and Signed her real name on the Autograph Card.

Girls of Studio E Promo: Teresa Langley on the card. 2500 produced.
2nd Promo was Labeled LH1 as Lisa Harper Promo. 2500 produced.

Lisa Harper Card Set: Next in the Series of Girls of Studio E.
This Set is still on the table to be produced, no date set.



The Best of Decisive Marketing & Studio E

Bendover Card #A1: Signed by Tina Jo, Red Autograph (360 packs)
Green Autograph (360 packs)
 Black Autograph 1 in 2 boxes

The Two Autos listed below of Teri & Taylor are 1 in 72 Packs


Teri Weigel  1000 signed            
                                 Taylor Wane  1000 Signed

Below are Autographs Randomly Inserted in the packs of The Best of, The odds of getting one below is 1 in 75 boxes.
These cards are Very Rare!


Savannah                Savannah        Selena Steele


Deidre Holland   Kim Chambers   Shanna McCullough


Angela Summers      Teri Weigel   Brigitte Aime


Brittany O'Connell                Nina Hartley

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