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Special Cards
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Special Cards
From Time to Time Studio E Will offer Special Cards that will be offered within certain tittles and sets. Sometimes you can only get that from Studio E through mail order ONLY.  Also you can look here to see what we have New coming out in Future Products.
Panty Cards.
Breaking NEWS! While we listing on the boxes of Best of DM & SE. That you'll find 1 panty card per Box. Well that has Changed from 1 panty card. Now you'll get 2 panty cards per box. While the HOT BOXES will get 3 panty cards.... Even the boxes say only one. Most of the Boxes will be packaged with 2.

Also see all the Different Panty Cards....



18 Different BEND-OVER Cards

16 Bend-over Cards Featuring the Models of Studio E, Actress model Sara St. James,
     physical fitness model Tina Jo, Foreign Porn Star Lisa Harper.
1 Bonus Bend-over Card of a Foreign Model in her First Photo shoot Ever, Wendy Vandale
1 Autograph Bend-over card signed by Tina Jo with a Majority of them signed in black ink
   while a few hundred were signed in red and green ink.
16 Bend-over (Approximately 7 different per box), 1 bonus Bend-Over (Approximately1:72 Packs)
1 Autograph Black Ink Bend-Over Tina Jo (Approximately 1:72 packs)
1 Autograph Red or Green Ink Bend-Over Tina Jo (Approximately 1:360 packs)

Below is a few samples of the Bend-Over Cards

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  A Limited  Un-Cut Sheet of all the Bend-Over Cards is available for $29.95 +$10.00 Shipping plus tax if shipped to California.



8 Different PANTY CARDS

8 Different Panty Cards of original Panties worn by
   Teri Weigel, Cory Lang, Sara St. James and Tina Jo (1:36 Packs)
3 of Teri Weigel, 3 of Tina Jo, 2 from Futuristic Warriors Series Sara & Cory.

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Panty cards

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Teri Weigel P1 Panty Card/

 Purple Lace

  Purple Shear

Teri Weigel P2 Panty Card/

 Black Velvet

 Black Lace

Teri Weigel P3 Panty Card/

  Light Purple 

Sara St. James P4 Panty Card/

  Camouflage from Futuristic Warriors

Cory Lang P5 Panty Card/



Tina Jo  P6 Panty Card/


  Blue Jean 

Tina Jo  P7 Panty Card/



Pink/Black (was called Pink/Pink)

  light Pink





Tina Jo  P8 Panty Card/

  Dark Brown



  Furry Brown




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