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Asian Ecstasy
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Autograph Cards
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Asian Ecstasy Series 1

Teanna Kai       Joanna Choo    Kasorn Swan       Syren

Also Kason Swan, Kat, Tae lee and More!!!


Details :
This set has 72 cards as the Base Set.
Regular Card Size

Autograph Card Signed by TEANNA KAI:
Lipstick Cards By TEANNA KAI:

5 card Asia Carrerra Undressed Set: Regular Card Size
9 Card Sweet Dream Set: Plastic Card Size
4 Box Loaders Hot Asian Desires:
3x5 card Size
1 Case Topper:
Plastic Card Size1 Limited Binder with Promo #3: TK Autograph card #TK-B
included with Binder 9 card un-cut sheet/plastic pages

9 -Scratch Off Wild Passion Cards:
Plastic Card Size
9 card Syren Passion Sub-Set:
Regular Card Size

36 packs per Box, 7 cards per Pack, Foil Packs
12 boxes per case. , Random Special cards
2000 Flyers and Ad's to help promote the set.
6 binders per Case.

Asian Ecstasy Series 1

if you place an order for 2 case's of Asian Ecstasy series

   You'll get a special Christmas Mimi Miyagi 3x5 extra case topper per case........Labeled MM-S

Series 1 has a 72 card Base Set with several Chase sets.

Checklist..  Basic Set 72 Cards

Card #    Name                       

1-3         Teanna Kai
4-6         Mimi Miyagi
7-9         Syren
10-12     Kasorn Swan
13-15     Tae Lee
16-18     Joanna Choo
19-21     Stephanie Swift
/Puzzle Back Teanna Kai
22-24     Kat
/Puzzle Back Teanna Kai
25-27     Teanna Kai
/Puzzle Back Teanna Kai
28-30     Mimi Miyagi
31-33     Syren
34-36     Kasorn Swan
37-39     Tae Lee
/Puzzle Back Mimi Miyagi
40-42     Joanna Choo
/Puzzle Back Mimi Miyagi
43-45     Stephanie Swift
/Puzzle Back Mimi Miyagi
46-48     Kat
49-51     Teanna Kai
52-54     Mimi Miyagi
55-57     Syren
/Puzzle Back Tae Lee
58-60     Kasorn Swan
/Puzzle Back Tae Lee
61-63     Stephanie Swift
/Puzzle Back Tae Lee
64-66     Tae Lee
67-69     Joanna Choo
70-72     Kat
/checklist on back
Chase Cards.........
Asia Undressed

This Set was Called Mimi Miyagi              
Undressed and is now
Asia Carrerra Undressed
1-5AU (1:12)

Syren Passion
1-9SP (1:6)



Sweet Dreams (Plastic Cards)
1-9SD (1:18)



Wild Passion (Plastic Cards)
1-9WP (1:18)

Hot Asian Desires (3x5 cards)
1-4AD (2-per Box)

Autograph Cards


Pack Autograph
Teanni Kai
TK-A (1:108)


Case Card
Teanni Kai
3x5 Lipstick Card
LS-2. On the Checklist its
marked 1-CS



Lipstick Card
Inserted into Packs
Teanni Kai
LS-1 (1:432)

Also a limited binder is also available with several inserts included within the binder...(6 binders per Case)


Binder Card
Teanni Kai


Binder Case Card
Teanni Kai


Promo # 3 AE
Plastic Card of #3 of 3


1 Un-Cut Sheet of Basic set and 9 card Syren Chase set

Plastic Card Sheets.

Also if you place an order for 2 case's of Asian Ecstasy series 1
   You'll get a special Christmas Mimi Miyagi 3x5 extra case topper per case........Labeled MM-S



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